The founders of tomoro. 


My career seems to have gone on forever, but who cares?

It’s given me the opportunity to work at and found some of the best agencies

in the North. Working with and learning from great people along the way.


But it’s also taught me to never stop striving for the next big idea. The killer idea.

The idea that makes the difference. The idea that everyone wished they’d done.


Over the years there’s been some standout achievements, like...

Taking Transformers to No.1 boys toy.

Making Silentnight the No.1 bed brand thanks to a hippo and a duck.

Helping Jet2.com become the 2nd largest tour operator in the UK.


And at the same time picking up every single creative award possible. Golden!

Stu new shot.jpg

My career started when Macs were funny little beige boxes. My boss said they’d never take off and whilst I would call myself quite proficient in most things Mac

he still struggles 25 years later!


How time flies eh? For a quarter of a century I’ve now been conceptualising and delivering integrated campaigns for major brands and tackling every imaginable advertising problem - I’ve even been known to do the odd brand ID. Clients that I’ve worked on extend across B2C in finance, airlines, sports bodies, home-builders, FMCG, retailers, fashion and even the NHS.


It’s been one hell of a journey, with lots of laughs, cracking work, great colleagues, oh and of course; quite a few awards. But the best bit has always been that tingle you get when you know you’re onto something.

Priceless, as Mastercard says.


For over 20 years I’ve worked in the biggest agencies around, founding and growing a few of them along the way too. As a founding father of Home Agency

we grew that from 5 people and zero clients to 240 people across 3 countries and a turnover of £40 million - growing all of our clients along with us too.


Over my career I’ve probably created over 1000 TV commercials and devised countless brand campaigns whilst picking up my fair share of awards whilst doing it - so I’d like to think I know my onions.


For me, it’s all about creating impactful, disruptive and effective work to make your

brand famous.


Some work from yesterday.